Simple Operation of Blended Yogurt Ice Cream Machine

ice cream machine

The Frozen Yogurt Blender Ice Cream Machine DEM-I200 is a push-button automatic blender. Simple and easy to use is one of the biggest features of this machine. The operation steps can be roughly divided into three steps.

  • High return on investment;
  • Staff training only takes minutes;
  • No waste, no mess;
  •  Easy to operate;
  • Cleaning time is less than 5 minutes per day;
  • The machine is over-engineered inside a solid powder coated metal casing requiring little if any service;

First, add ice cream or yogurt to the hopper.

Second, when one hand presses the green button and the other hand places the ice cream cone, cup, or plate under the outlet of the mixing bowl, a semi-rigid product that is well mixed in seconds will be made. Finally, press the red button again to return the auger to the up position.

It blends regular scoops of ice cream or hard scoops of yogurt with a variety of frozen fruits, nuts, and other toppings, which provides an almost limitless combination of flavors, and our ice cream blender is the creator. You can satisfy your customers’ taste requirements with delicious ice cream or yogurt made to order.

In addition, this frozen yogurt blender ice cream maker is suitable for placing in ice cream parlors, delis, takeaways, fruit and health stores, cafes, restaurants, etc., to maximize its commercial effect and help your business reach the peak of life.

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