Sales Team Training of Refrigerated Gelato and Bakery Display Case

The Training Of Refrigerated Bakery Case

The Grandchill refrigerated bakery display case helps present your products in a unique and perfect way. It is for commercial purposes and tends to make customers have numerous choices and buy more as they look into the bakery case display. All of the model and design of the refrigerated bakery display case are available in Grandchill Refrigeration.

The training conducted shows sales personnel that the gelato bakery display case has different models and specifications and are built to hold and keep cold temperate food and preserve them for a longer period. The gelato display freezer with lustrous designs  are attractive and safe to use when connected to power.

The training shows the refrigerated bakery display come in different sizes, capacities and with a different number of shelves which gives the display case its uniqueness. The sale managers trained to make customers understand that some models have temperature display screen and sensors.


Grandchill Refrigeration is certified and their refrigerated bakery display case has an illumination system. It is the lead light to protect and preserve the cold bakery product. The same series of the refrigerated bakery display case also has different features and specifications. So, when purchasing one for your use, get in touch with our trained sales managers. They will help you select products which suits your needs.

The training offered by Grandchill Refrigeration reveals how this machinery works by operating them in the presence of clients.

Conclusively, Grandchill Refrigeration Focuses on training technicians/sales managers and supplying restaurant and kitchen equipment.

Marketing Manager

Working as a marketing manager in the Twothousand Machinery and Grandchill Refrigeration for 10 Years. Skilling at the planetary mixer, dough mixer, turnover machine, blast chiller and gelato ice cream machine.

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