If you’re looking for something new, innovative and different then you should definitely check our refrigerated bakery case. Grandchill’s cases are perfect for all kinds of businesses.

The thermostats that we use are extremely precise, they are placed in the perfect position. The glass located in our bakery cases that are refrigerated are double layered, and they are made from vacuum glass. The glass makes the insulation very effective. The glass has a heating wire inside of the double layers, which avoids the moisture on the glass surface.

The secret for having a functional, long-lasting and effective bakery display case is the good insulation, as well as a big evaporator because it is going to help the food remain humid. The problem with most bakery display cases is that they don’t have this function, they take too long to cool down, and the food becomes extremely dry. If the quality of the display bakery case isn’t good the food will look and taste dry, it’ll take away all of the enjoyment from it.

refrigerated bakery case
refrigerated bakery case

Bakery Case Parameters

Voltage: 220V50HZ / 110V60HZ
Power: 690 W
Compressor: Tecumseh, Made in France
Capacity: 230 Liter (2 Shelves)
Refrigerant: R404a
Cool Type: Ventilated
Size: 1200X1050X1310 MM

Other Bakery Case Available Size: 900 / 1500 / 1800 / 2400 mm Length


The Grandchill refrigerated bakery case is wonderful for the bakery retailer who needs the premium good machine with the economical price, the below features of our bakery cases you should know:

> Double Layered Glass;
> Digital Temperature Control;
> Automatic Defrost;
> Air Cooling;
> Stainless Steel Support Frame;
> LED Spot Lights;
> +/- 1 Degree Difference Between Setting and Real;
> Stainless Steel Caster Wheels Included;
> Various Color Is Optional;
> Welcome for Customization;

* Customizing *

30 years ago, our director Mr. Gong started the research and production of the bakery display case in China, we are very long history experienced factory to make this product and customize it, so if you have any products are not the standard one, just feel free to contact us to make the right one for you.

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    The refrigerated bakery showcases from Grandchill Refrigeration is only 1-degree difference between setting and real.