Are you planning to start a frozen yogurt business during the summer season? Well, if you are you’re in the right place. Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Blender Machine is your new partner! A blender runs automatically and combines a hard scoop of ice cream and yogurt with endless varieties of chilled fruits, nuts, and other ingredients.

It offers unlimited combinations, which enables you to have different tastes of custom-made ice cream and yogurt. This blending equipment is ideal to use for settlement in ice cream parlor, restaurants, health and fruit shops, cafes, delicatessens, and restaurants as well.

> 2 Years Warranty

> Imported Motor, Made in the U.S or Japan.

> 10 Years Lifetime

> Patent Design

> Various Color

Frozen Yogurt Gelato Ice Cream Blender Main View 1000

The good thing about the Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Blender Machine is that it offers everybody with high return on investment. The machine is simple to use as well so there’s no need for complicated use. It will be easy for you to teach your staff on how to use this amazing machine. Plus, this frozen yogurt blender machine requires less to no maintenance. It only takes a couple of minutes to clean it.

How to use

If you are looking for a good frozen yogurt machine that can help you with daily routine and will offer you income at the same time, this item is the perfect option for you. This will not just provide delicious and mouth-watering dessert, but it’s a great source of income too!

>   Best Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt temperature: -15°C to -18°C.
>   Best fruit temperature: -5°C to 0°C.
>   Best serving size is made up of:
>   2 Scoops of Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt
>   1-2 Scoops of Fruit (or other ingredients)
>   Best Ingredient Weight for Each scoop: 60 gram.

Ice Cream Blender Video

Many Colors Available


Model: DEM-I200
Size (Closed): 320x550x700mm
Size (Open): 320x650x900mm
Net Weight: 50 Kg / Gross Weight: 58 Kg
Ice Cream Temperature.: -15°C to -18°C
Fruit Temperature.: -5°C to 0°C
Voltage: 110V 60Hz or 220V 50 Hz
Power: 0.75 Kw
Operation Time: 10 Seconds / Serve
Packing Size: 370X670X790 MM

CE Mark

What Ingredients to Blend

Owning a Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Blender Machine is like having the sweetest franchise readily available. Hard ice cream or yogurt will be fresh blended with real frozen fruit, nuts, cookies, candy with the machine to make custom premium desserts.

Grandchill Refrigeration Fruit
Grandchill Refrigeration Fruit
Grandchill Refrigeration Fruit
Grandchill Refrigeration Fruit
Grandchill Refrigeration Fruit
Grandchill Refrigeration Fruit
Grandchill Refrigeration Fruit

Final Blended Ice Cream

The final blended frozen yogurt ice cream with different fruits are really delicious and tasty not like other ordinary ice creams.

Final Blended Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream
Final Blended Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream
Final Blended Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream
Final Blended Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream

Who needs an ice cream blender machine?

The frozen yogurt ice cream blender machine is great for the ice cream retailer and catering owners who are going to sell the unique frozen yogurt ice cream with different fruit and nuts and get high-profit margins.
The below stores will benefit from our frozen yogurt ice cream blender machine:

>   Ice Cream Stores
>   Restaurants
>   Bakery Shops
>   Fruit Shops
>   Cafe
>   Fast Food Chain
>   School Snack Shops

Check our the operation video of frozen yogurt ice cream blending machine

Video Demonstration

Blend Yogurt with Blueberry

Blend Frozen Yogurt with Oreo

Blend Yogurt with Strawberry

Clean the Frozen Yogurt Blender

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