Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine For Your Ice Cream Shop

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

This triple flavor soft serve ice cream machine is perfect for ice cream, frozen yogurt. Since it is equipped with three freezing cylinders and two mix hoppers. That means the soft-serve ice cream machine can dispense two different flavors of ice cream. And your customers can enjoy two or three flavors at once. With the ability to output of an hour, the machine is ideal for medium ice cream shops, and restaurants.


This soft-serve ice cream machine is made of high-end stainless steel. That will allow the machine a long lifetime and a stable working environment. Besides, it is equipped with a straightforward operating control panel. The user can operate the machine fluently and safely. Not just offering the primary safety features, safety consideration is taken into each component of our machine, which makes our soft serve ice cream machine more popular than others.

The classic design and elegant appearance of the machine make it be an eye-catching unit, which also another integral aspect of this soft serve freezer machine.


Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine


Fully customized is available for this soft-serve ice cream. From the air pump, cone counter, the compressor to the pre-cooling system, you could have your suitable idea to install this machine. Grandchill is a professional supplier of this refrigerated machine for over 20 years. We aim to supply you with the top secured machine at a competitive price.

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