How to Pick Your Own Bakery Case

Grandchill's Best Quality Bakery Case

Finding a product that is very good quality and covers all of your needs is very hard. This is why we make our products with the best materials and test all of them to have the best results in the lowest amount of time.

The temperature is an extremely important detail when it comes to picking your own bakery case. We have many different cases that can vary their temperature depending on your needs completely. Plus, they are so fast, that the bakery case in a refrigerated mode, can reach the needed temperature within only 45 minutes. You can adjust it as you need, and the only difference between the normal temperature and the present one is only of one degree.

Our temperature sensor is always at the best and proper position because by doing so, the real temperature is showing on the screen that is located in the display. Because we know that the temperature, ventilation and the cold air is probably one of the most important features when it comes to an object like that.

The quality is another great advantage, because it makes the entire case last much, much longer. The materials that we use for the creation of our bakery case sets are the best on the market. We use stainless steel, as well as different kinds of marbles. You can also use and try our automatic defrost system, it evaporates the water completely on its own, you won’t even need any kind of drainage, not at all.

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