Great 15 Pans CE Commercial Blast Chiller Freezer GC-BC15 for Your Kitchen

Blast Chiller
Model: GC-BC15
Trays: 15
Pans: 15 X GN 1/1
OR 15 X 40×60 Bakery Trays
Chamber Capacity: 345 Liter
Storage Volume: 300 Liter
Refrigerant: R404a
Refrigerant Weight: 1250 G
Cool Type: Ventilated
Chamber Size: 650X1085X425 MM
Size: 790X730X1807 MM

Blast chiller freezer is a device that can quickly reduce the overall temperature of food. Whether it is fresh or cooked food, this freezer can maintain its original unique flavor during storage, maintain the quality of dishes, and have Helps protect and control bacteria.

Pork and Beef from Blast Chiller Freezer

Fast Refrigeration Speed, From +30˚C to -30˚C Only 30 Minutes.

With a +30˚C to -30˚C of temperature by time, the products that you are storing in this blast freezer are can be freeze within 30 minutes. With an easier speed of refrigeration, the possibility of bacteria can’t easily happen. Apart from it, you can also enjoy eating your made food in an easier pace of time.

75 MM Thermal Insulation and 1.1 mm Stainless Steel 304

We choose the best brand that you will purchase is not about how effective and efficient it is. You also need to look for environmental-friendly appliances. The foaming body of this blast freezer is smooth, and the foaming has 75 mm and wrapped with 1.1 mm thick stainless steel 304, and same material for the chamber.

Commercial Blast Chiller 5 Pans Inside

15-tray quick freezers

The reason why this 15-tray quick freezer is recommended is that it can meet the needs of commercial kitchens, restaurants, and shops to the greatest extent, preserve food, retain flavor, avoid bacteria, and provide more food than other quick freezers. Storage space is the best choice for your kitchen.

That’s why Grandchill’s blast freezers are the ideal type of chiller for you. We have a strong and professional team and excellent after-sales processing. From sale to after-sales, we provide one-stop service, so you can choose our high-quality quick-freezing machines without worry.

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