Why Choose Grandchill’s Blast Chiller Freezers?

Grandchill Blast Chiller Freezers

Are you aware what blast chiller freezers are? It is primarily used in lowering the temperature of foodstuffs to maintain their peculiarity upon storage. It is perfectly suited for both new and pre-cooked food. Its speed is also essential not only to control the growth of bacteria but also to maintain the quality of the dish.

Reasons to Choose Our Blast Chiller Freezers

There are many chiller freezers offered in the market, but why is there a need for you to choose ours. Take the following reasons into consideration.

  • Warranty and Product Lifetime

Our best chiller freezers are backed with a ten-year product lifetime and two-year warranty. We also assured that it followed the manufacturing standards of USA and EU.

  • Fast Speed of Refrigeration within Thirty Minutes

Our best blast chiller freezers provide fast refrigeration within thirty minutes at a temperature of about +30 degree Celsius up to -30 degree Celsius. Having such speed, the possibility of bacteria growth will never happen.

  • 75 mm Thermal Insulations With 1.1 mm of Stainless Steel 304

We always spend time and effort to select a brand that you can buy not only because of its efficiency and effectiveness. We also offer our chiller freezers which are known to be environment-friendly one. Its foaming body is known to be a blast since it is truly smooth with 75 mm and completely wrapped into 1.1 mm thickness of stainless steel.

As far as our best blast chiller freezers are concerned, you need not worry since it is perfect for bakery houses, western restaurants and even for ice cream machines. So, contact us today and purchase our best chiller freezers today!


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Working as a marketing manager in the Twothousand Machinery and Grandchill Refrigeration for 10 Years. Skilling at the planetary mixer, dough mixer, turnover machine, blast chiller and gelato ice cream machine.

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