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Why Choose Grandchill’s Blast Chiller Freezers?

Grandchill Blast Chiller Freezers

Are you aware what blast chiller freezers are? It is primarily used in lowering the temperature of foodstuffs to maintain their peculiarity upon storage. It is perfectly suited for both new and pre-cooked food. Its speed is also essential not only to control the growth of bacteria but also to maintain the quality of the dish. Reasons to Choose Our Blast Chiller Freezers There are many chiller freezers offered in the market, but why is there a need for you…

Grandchill Refrigeration Equipment

Grandchill Refrigeration Manufactures the Blast Chiller, Bakery

Granchill Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a New Zealand and China joint venture, a new intelligent technology manufacturing enterprise.Refrigeration field technical elites, professional management elites, and excellent service team worked together in this factory. Grandchill forces on the refrigeration equipment manufacturing standard of EU and U.S.A. We take “2 years warranty, 10 years’ product lifetime” as our goal to manufacturing the durable, energy saving, and environmentally friendly refrigeration equipment. Grandchill is a professional manufacturer of high-level quality refrigeration equipment…