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Simple Operation of Blended Yogurt Ice Cream Machine

ice cream machine

The Frozen Yogurt Blender Ice Cream Machine DEM-I200 is a push-button automatic blender. Simple and easy to use is one of the biggest features of this machine. The operation steps can be roughly divided into three steps. First, add ice cream or yogurt to the hopper. Second, when one hand presses the green button and the other hand places the ice cream cone, cup, or plate under the outlet of the mixing bowl, a semi-rigid product that is well mixed…

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine For Your Ice Cream Shop

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

This triple flavor soft serve ice cream machine is perfect for ice cream, frozen yogurt. Since it is equipped with three freezing cylinders and two mix hoppers. That means the soft-serve ice cream machine can dispense two different flavors of ice cream. And your customers can enjoy two or three flavors at once. With the ability to output of an hour, the machine is ideal for medium ice cream shops, and restaurants.   This soft-serve ice cream machine is made…

How to Choose the Best Refrigerated Display Case for Your Business?

Refrigerated Display Case

The refrigerated display case is a piece of popular equipment that is widely used in many lines. For the cake shop, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, small supermarkets, convenience stores, and dessert houses to keep the dishes, cake, pastries, and other products sanitary while providing maximum visibility to entice your customers.     It has a variety of functions like preservation, refrigeration, display, and other uses. We have different models of refrigerated display case available to meet your different business requirements. Our…

The Benefits of Blast Chilling and Shock Freezing for Your Food

Blast Chiller Freezer Production Line

Blast chilling and shock freezing are being so popular these years. Here are some benefits you can expect to know about the blast chilling and shock freezing in your establishment.   Ensure the Food Safety and Quality The longer time for food chilling, the more cells are damaged, there will have a much more negative effect on the aroma, taste, and overall appeal on food. And more bacterial contamination in food. So it is important to minimize the time for…