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Enjoyable Time At the Hotelex Shanghai Exhibition

  Thanks for coming far away, so happy to meet and share with all you kind person at the 2019 Hotelex Shanghai Trade Fair. Thanks for your support and trust with we Grandchill all the way.   For Grandchill, the trade fair time, the enjoyable time, during the trade fair, we have so much fun time to make the yummy ice cream with our hot item frozen yogurt blending machine, talk with the clients about our eye-catching products like blast…

How to Start a Small Gelato Shop with Grandchill Refrigeration

Equipment For Gelato Ice Cream Shop

Are you thinking about starting a gelato ice cream shop in your location? Grandchill Refrigeration helps you to begin the purchase of quality gelato equipment from China. It can be very overwhelming to start a gelato shop and deciding what ice cream shop equipment you will need. This article will make your plan clear enough. Batch Freezer  This is an indispensable and the most expensive equipment you need to purchase for a gelato shop. With the batch freezer, you can…

How to Make Your Ice Cream Keep Better with Original Structure and Flavor?

Blast Chiller Freezer

How to make your ice cream keep better with original structure and flavor? The blast chiller freezer could make it by providing your ice cream with a shock freezing. The Importance of the Ice Cream Shock Freezing As we all know, the ice cream is made at a temperature of -7°/-9°C in a batch freezer. And the ice cream will contain 30% water after finishing its manufacturing process, and those water will lead to its rapid aging. If you place…