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How to Make Your Ice Cream Keep Better with Original Structure and Flavor?

Blast Chiller Freezer

How to make your ice cream keep better with original structure and flavor? The blast chiller freezer could make it by providing your ice cream with a shock freezing. The Importance of the Ice Cream Shock Freezing As we all know, the ice cream is made at a temperature of -7°/-9°C in a batch freezer. And the ice cream will contain 30% water after finishing its manufacturing process, and those water will lead to its rapid aging. If you place…

Testing on Blast Chiller and Freezer From Grandchill

Blast Chiller Freezer Testing

Do you know what can make food freeze quickly to inhibit bacterial growth? What keeps the moisture and nutrition of bread for a long time? What can make your restaurant work more efficiently? Correct! The answer is our Blast Chiller and Freezer. Grandchill is a professional refrigerated equipment manufacturer in Guangzhou, China since 1985. Grandchill produces the top quality of refrigerated equipment such as blast chiller & freezer, blast freezer room, ice cream showcases, customized super low-temperature refrigerated equipment, etc.…

Grandchill Refrigeration and 2019 Hotelex Shanghai Exhibition

The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition is combined with domestic and import pavilions. They are experienced companies in the industry developed in China and international famous brand pavilions, which broaden the industry market and the range of information exchanging. As a famous international trade exhibition, here you could find any superior kitchen equipment, like catering equipment supply, tableware, food and beverage, bakery & ice cream, coffee & tea and so on.   Grandchill Refrigeration, with years of experience in the line…