How to Make Your Ice Cream Keep Better with Original Structure and Flavor?

Blast Chiller Freezer

How to make your ice cream keep better with original structure and flavor? The blast chiller freezer could make it by providing your ice cream with a shock freezing.

The Importance of the Ice Cream Shock Freezing

As we all know, the ice cream is made at a temperature of -7°/-9°C in a batch freezer. And the ice cream will contain 30% water after finishing its manufacturing process, and those water will lead to its rapid aging. If you place the ice cream in an ordinary machine at -12°C or kept at -18° without shock freezing, those water congeals and finally form the macro-crystals, which will make the ice cream lose its creaminess, volume, and the typical flavor of the freshly made ice cream.

Blast Chiller Freezer Assembly Line

Blast chiller freezer from Grandchill, shock freezing from +30°C to -30°C in 30 minutes, at this point, you could adjust the temperature to the best for your ice cream shock freezing. Then the water in the ice cream will transform into micro-crystals that maintain the flavor and the quality of ice cream entirely. After the shock freezing, the stock of your ice cream is always available in the holding cabinets or the window ready for retail.

Blast Chiller Freezer In Our Factory

Multiple trays from 3 to 15, stainless steel 304 of full-body, 10 years lifetime, and two years warranty. Blast chiller freezer from Grandchill keeps your foods like vegetables, fruit, ice cream, and the meat better. Just feel free to contact us if you need the blast chiller.

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