The Benefits of Blast Chilling and Shock Freezing for Your Food

Blast Chiller Freezer Production Line

Blast chilling and shock freezing are being so popular these years. Here are some benefits you can expect to know about the blast chilling and shock freezing in your establishment.


Ensure the Food Safety and Quality

The longer time for food chilling, the more cells are damaged, there will have a much more negative effect on the aroma, taste, and overall appeal on food. And more bacterial contamination in food. So it is important to minimize the time for food chilling, minimize time spent in the danger zone (140˚F to 40˚F). Blast chilling and shock freezing from the blast chiller freezer has the functions to captures the flavor and food quality and minimizes the breakdown.


Blast Chiller Freezer Production Line

Wider Your Restaurant Menu and Save Labor

With a commercial blast chiller freezer, your chef can complete semi-finished dishes in record time and the menu items can be prepared faster and ahead of time, your restaurants could provide a more varied menu of delicious, fresh-tasting choices! Really the smart improvement, huge benefits, and cost savings, and that brings your operation.



Improve the Food Shelf Life and Less Waste of the Food

Blast chilling or the shock freezing will prolong shelf life to a different extent, and protects moisture in the food from evaporation up to 15%, in that case, the leftover food can be used more efficiently by the operator, the discarded leftovers won’t become a thing in the future.


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Make Your Food Purchasing More Flexible

When it comes to food purchasing, we will think about how the money could be used in high value or could be saved by buying in bulk at lower prices. Take the blast chiller freezer into the food prep process, you will avoid the risk of buying food in bulk and running out of the menu items during peak periods.


Tasty food increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Blast chiller freezer reduces costs, increases profits, and more. Contact us for more info about the commercial blast chiller freezer.

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